Camino del Cobre

Canyon Scene
Canyon Scene
Region de las Barrancas
Canyon Scene


The vision of the Camino del Cobre (The Copper Canyon Trail) is to create a unique experience for visitors to Copper Canyon with a hike along the rim of the canyon, experiencing the beauty of its vistas, the wonders of the local indigenous culture, and its colonial history. In the tradition of the famous trails of Europe and America - like the Santiago Trail in Spain - the Camino will be a trail of hundreds of miles = from the Basaseachic Waterfall to Sinforosa Canyon, the deepest of all. Following the Camino's trail signs, hikers will be able to create their own routes of 1, 2 or more days depending on their own preference - starting out in the eco-tourist center of Creel and using the trail network to visit nearby Raramuri (Tarahumara) villages or historic sites from the heyday of Mexican silver mining or the many natural wonders of the region. As the same time they can enjoy the knowledge that their visit is making a contribution to the economic well-being of the Tarahumara region, one of the most interesting but poorest regions in all Mexico.