Camino del Cobre



The following trail guide is designed to enable hikers to complete a ~58 kilometer (36 miles) hike connecting Creel and the Barranca del Cobre rim at Divisadero. There are other shorter segments possible as well.


1. The guide is written from the perspective of a hiker leaving the train station in Creel traveling south. However, the trail itself is designed to accommodate hikers walking in the northward direction (e.g., toward Creel) as well. Trail markers are intentionally visible from both directions. However, the Guide takes off from Creel as the center of tourism for the region and the primary terminus for the Chepe tourist train. Hikers traveling north should be able to follow the path “in reverse:” e.g., “turn left” becomes “turn right,” “after the fork” becomes “before the fork,” etc.

2. The text Guide includes GPS waypoints (longitude, latitude, and elevation) that indicate important locations on the trail, such as key turns, landmarks, crossing points, or section endpoints,

3. To complement the text trail description, the Guide also includes a table of waypoints and a map depiction of those waypoints (Google Maps). With the right GPS devices, hikers can track the path and confirm their location on the Camino using the way points if they want.

4. As appropriate, the Guide also includes photos of key turns, views, villages, markers, and other aspects of walking the Camino.

5. The Guide is divided into Segments 1 to 12. They vary in length from approximately 1 to 9 kilometerss, reflecting the exact location of places where hikers can access the Divisadero Highway for bus or other motor transport. For hikers in good physical condition the entire 58 kilometer (36 miles) is probably a two day hike.

Segment 1: From Creel to the Old Road

Segment 2: From Old Road to Santa Elena

Segment 3: From Santa Elena to Recowata Turn-off

Segment 4: From Recowata Turn-off to the Pipeline

Segment 5: From the Pipeline to San Elias

Segment 6: From San Elias to the Old High Road

Segment 7: Old High Road to the Chepe railroad crossing

Segment 8: From Chepe railroad crossing to Pitorreal

Segment 9: From Pitorreal to Nacayvo North

Segment 10: From Nacayvo North to Nacayvo South

Segment 11: From Nacaybo South to Cerro Alto

Segment 12: From Cerro Alto to Divisadero